Governing Board

Our 2014-2015 draft budget was approved by the Board on May 21, 2014. In accordance with school law the draft budget is available for public review prior to final approval on June 18, 2014. The draft budget is included below:

2014-2015 Draft Budget

Chair: John Schrott

Treasurer:  John Schrott

Secretary:       Carla Freund


PCO Representative: Molly Bennett


Members at Large:


            Daniel Abeshouse


            Brooke Bejster


            Sunil Doshi


            Karen Howard


            Rebecca King


            Amiena Mahsoob


            Scott Roller


            Leanna Plonka


            Constantine Samaras


            Verna Arnold


            Alison Holtzman – Jr. Board Member


            Julie Prior – Jr. Board Member