ECS Embarks on a New Journey


As a family or friend of ECS, you've watched us grow over the past six years. You've seen us double in size from a K-3 to a K-8, and from 180 students to more than 600. We've expanded from one building in Regent Square to a second renovated space in the historic Park Place Lower School. All the while, we've cherished our natural classroom in between - the 510 acres of the wondrous Frick Park.


Thanks in part to families like you ECS has evolved as one of the city's most innovative learning spaces in public education. We're a place where superstar educators are free to innovate and invite the outside world in and where kids have time with real life farmers, artists, and scientists. Our students are learning the wonders of the world and its problems, too. So that someday, they can play a part in solving them.  


That's why today, we are pleased to announce that ECS has submitted a formal request to the Pittsburgh Public Schools to amend its charter from a K-8 to a K-12. This is the first step in our vision to form an ECS High School. We have also requested an additional K-8 charter to meet the demand of the more than 400 students on our waiting list.     


At ECS, our amazing educators have had an incredible impact on their students in just a few short years. Imagine giving students twelve years within our innovative educational program. We believe the sky's the limit and that as educators we can make the kind of difference in a child's life that inspires him/her to make a difference in the world. By being there from their first day of Kindergarten to their Graduation Day, we can empower our extraordinary little people to become extraordinary big people.  


We are ever grateful for your partnership with ECS. We appreciate your support of our efforts to grow and expand and your belief in our educators and our kids.  We look forward to sharing more news and excitement about our efforts to expand in the coming weeks and months.   Interested in joining the mailing list to get updates?  


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